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14108Feature requestsPluginspublic2021-09-06 09:42
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Summary14108: No error proper error message when LDAP<>LimeSurvey login fails due to case-sensitivity
DescriptionI uses LDAP plugin for authentication in LimeSurvey. When there is a user that has a username like HeyYou123 and the user wants to login and uses heyyou123. The user has to pay attention to upper and lower case. But ldap does not care about upper and lower case. It seems as if the username has to be exactly the same like it is in LimeSurvey Database.

Moreover there is no error about invalid credentials, if the password is correct but the username is written completly in lowercase.

Additional InformationIt looks like limesurvey uses LDAP, gets the ok from LDAP-server and than can not find the user?
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2018-10-18 07:14

reporter   ~49357

I think the severity of the bug should be higher


2018-10-19 16:23

administrator   ~49377

So, if the user has the the user name Foo in limesurvey and he logs in using 'foo' with LDP Auth what happens exactly?


2018-10-22 09:02

reporter   ~49396

It takes quite long and the login screen is reloaded and no error is shown.

(If the password is incorrect, an error is shown)


2019-04-25 14:05

reporter   ~51580

I have same problem in 3.17.1 (build 190408) .


2019-04-26 10:27

developer   ~51585

The issue is more the no error ? No ?


2019-04-26 10:42

administrator   ~51587

Yeah, I think that the problem is the missing error message. I am bit skeptical about forcing uppercase/lowercase because it will certainly affect existing users.


2019-04-26 10:47

reporter   ~51588

No, in my opinion the problem is that LimeSurvey considers the the username case sensitive, when using LDAP. If you use internal database login that is not the case, you can write the username uppercase or lowercase or whataver.

By the way I don't know hardly any system that cares about case sensitivness considering the username.

Why should you force uppercase or lowercase? isn't this a database query where you can ignore the case?


2019-04-26 10:50

developer   ~51589

And if you have :
One DB user with UserName and his password in DB with AuthDB true
One LDAP user with username and his another password and AuthDB+AuthLDAP true

… you have a security issue …


2019-04-26 10:54

administrator   ~51590

@halliball123: That is not true. THe interal DB admin login is also case-sensitive.


2019-04-26 11:08

reporter   ~51591

Username in database "user" and "USER" the same user (not case sensitive) but password will be case-sensitive
I only test it in LDAP login.


2019-04-26 11:12

reporter   ~51592

@c_schmitz: sorry, you are right. Was this always like that?

Non the less I don't think that usernames that are casesensitive are a good idea.

I know that this is standard in the linux/unix world. Windows and MacOS users who are using LimeSurvey backend are just not used to that.
I think you can configure that in your LDAP Server as well and .... .... ... of course it's your system and if nobody else has a problem with that ... ... then Dennis is right, there should be at least a message.


2019-04-26 11:13

administrator   ~51593

@dplazade: I am not sure what version you are using but the latest LimeSurvey version is case-sensitive regarding username.
For example if you have a user 'admin' you will not be able to log in with 'Admin' (and same password)


2019-04-26 11:52

reporter   ~51596

Sorry I meant me, I think it would be a good performance:
- login with internal DB, casesensitive
- login with LDAP, not casesensitive

Please, tell me what line I should change in my code. I will register the users always in uppercase for LDAP. I need that any login user (LDAP) always validates it in upper case.

In file: \application\core\plugins\AuthLDAP\AuthLDAP.php
I changed line 429:
 $username = strtoupper($this->getUsername());
But I have same issue :)



2019-04-26 12:58

developer   ~51597

You must do the search with SQL UCASE too :).

Good to know than we can not have 2 user with same login :) :+1:


2019-04-26 13:18

reporter   ~51599

Thanks @DenisChenu.

How? SQL UCASE? Where? In conditions?


2019-04-26 13:27

reporter   ~51600

In my database the table definition looks like users_name must be unique and collation is utf8mb4_unicode_ci
so there can't be two users that have the same username with different upper/lower case versions.

Therefore a call of touppercase or tolowercase before comparing usernames would not be a security issue, in my opinion.


2019-04-26 13:30

reporter   ~51601

Thanks @halliballi123 I will revise that :)


2019-11-19 16:11

reporter   ~54694

any news on this bug?


2020-01-10 15:51

administrator   ~55201

A PR is being discussed here:


2021-03-26 07:28

reporter   ~63635

so no sollution?


2021-03-26 09:05

administrator   ~63641

The PR is obviously dead so unless someone invests time to code it (or money so that someone else codes it) this issue will stay open.

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