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14248Feature requestsTheme editorpublic2021-12-06 11:33
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Summary14248: Allow survey theme to add (and use) question attribute
DescriptionA easy way to have specific question view is usage of Class.

For example : we can currently add hidden in Class name.

Survey template can offer some class, and it's great if this class can be used more easily in Question settings
Additional InformationSee and

I currently dropped "No more table" attribute because theme.css need update too , but see picture in done on same survey …

Having this attribute related to template really fix whole and can be great.

I think to of "Show with importance" for example : checkbox where the question is bigger than other etc …

And more : with an attribute : survey theme can make a lot more without touching of answers.twig.
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Another idea : column of question : with a template where group are row and question wrapper inside a col-sm-x : you can show 3 question inline with col-sm-4

Etc etc etc …

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