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14261Feature requestsAuthenticationpublic2021-08-19 15:43
Reportervis_kerem Assigned Tomarkusfluer 
Status resolvedResolutionfixed 
Summary14261: 2 factor authentication
DescriptionA two factor authentication (2FA) option to access the admin panel of limesurvey (especially for a superuser account).
Additional InformationI think this will make the database much more secure and a better compliance with the HIPAA for example.
Maybe it could be an option only for the expert account.
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2019-03-08 15:27

reporter   ~50855

I would be interested in potentially funding this development.


2019-03-11 11:53

administrator   ~50895

@markusfluer Can you comment, please? You had a plugin ready?


2019-03-11 12:38

reporter   ~50896

@ollehar I meant if someone is interested in developing a plugin for this, I may be able to fund it.


2019-03-11 14:07

administrator   ~50898

Yes, but there might already be a plugin. :) Markus will answer when he has time.

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