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14676Bug reportsSurvey participants (Tokens)public2021-02-04 12:33
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Summary14676: If email gets bounced, it cannot be re-sent easily

I run into this. I had the wrong participant email. Got bounced, that's right. But if I correct the email and try to send it to this participant again, I got an error saying I already send to this email address. Its probably because when I correct the email, it gets "corrected" in the participant table as well, and in the field where it shows bounced emails there is now the new, corrected email.

The workaround is to delete the participant and create him/her again with the correct email.
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2019-03-22 14:51

developer   ~51095

No : when you edit email : set emailstatus to OK and invitation sent to NO.

Maybe reset sent to null when get bounced can be done, but still need to correct the emailstatus.


2019-03-22 15:27

reporter   ~51096

Thank you for checking this issue! I would say even better would be to reset sent to null when an email has been changed, makes the most sense to me and I would expect it to behave this way.

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