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15026Feature requestsSurvey participants (Tokens)public2021-09-07 08:15
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Fixed in Version4.0.0-RC2 
Summary15026: Omit ambiguous characters from token
DescriptionIn tokens you can specify the length, but not the characters that are used.

In our use case we have difficulties using the characters: O (cipital o), 0 (zero), l (lower case L), I (capital i) and 1 (one) that are ambiguous (depending a bit on the font that is used to show them).

In our use case these tokens are sent by mail (on paper) and users have to type them in like a password. Ambiguous characters then influence the response rate in a negative way: once entered a wrong code, people tend to turn away.

We propose to change the tokens in such a way that ambiguous characters are replaced.

We will make a pull request as soon as this is discussed enough here.
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2019-07-04 21:35

administrator   ~52744

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If you visit the team meetings on Tuesdays you can push this idea.



2019-07-05 10:58

developer   ~52746

This is really a **needed** option, most of

But : my answer : «Such feature must be in plugin»

Seems i'm the only one

If we accept only numeric, why not all the other :


2019-07-20 22:31

reporter   ~52945

I have created a PR to make this possible with a plugin:


2019-07-22 18:59

reporter   ~52953

Replaced by a new PR for afterGenerateToken plus customToken plugin:


2019-07-23 11:07

developer   ~52954

Since no new feature in 3.X : for 4.X.

@JanE : your pull request seems great. Just let me test before merging (and quick discuss at today dev meeting)


2019-07-24 19:26

developer   ~52991

@c_schmitz : see discussion about have this feature in 3.19

PS : my opinion, why not BUT : why not other minor feature (like adding a function in twig …)


2020-10-16 09:43

reporter   ~60225

Hello there,
sorry for revamping an old ticket. It was quoted on my forum's topic: Token creation algorithm by @DenisChenu

I'm asking the feature for having human readable tokens because people get scared reading a complex nonsense string.
So I would like to thanks the team for the effort, I'm trying to backport it shortly inside my 3.x installation before having a full 4.x LS adoption.

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