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15750Feature requestsResponse browsingpublic2021-09-29 11:35
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Summary15750: Send emails only to participants with incomplete responses
DescriptionIt would be good to be able to send email reminders only to participants who have started but not finished the questionnaire.

We can easily identify them in the response table but without being able to remind them. On the other hand, in the table of participants where you can relaunch selected participants, it is impossible to quickly select participant with "incomplete answers" except manually. Not practical and very ready in a file of 5000 participants ...

Would it be possible to put a new option "send emails" in the table of responses (as for the table of participants) or to put a column "completed" total or partial in the table of participants to facilitate this sorting?
Tagsanswer_filtering, Display Responses, email
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2021-09-29 11:34

administrator   ~66645

An additional filter in the reminder sending screen, which would only filter for participants that have at least one partial response.

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