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16304Bug reportsOtherpublic2021-04-06 20:37
ReporterJmantysalo Assigned Toollehar  
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Product Version4.2.x 
Summary16304: Disk usage not shown
DescriptionGlobal settings > Storage does not seem to work, clicking "Calculate storage" does nothing. Directly going to .../admin/globalsettings?sa=getStorageData gives data, so somehow it is not embedded to a page where it should.
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Bug heat8
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Version 4.2.3+200511
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
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2020-05-19 13:03

administrator   ~57920

Can be fixed by reverting global settings to LS3.


2020-07-17 11:11

reporter   ~58985

I tested that the php function is never called. Somehow at limesurvey/assets/scripts/admin/globalsettings.js the part starting with


is called but does not what it should.


2020-09-18 07:02

reporter   ~59866

> Can be fixed by reverting global settings to LS3.

How do I revert global settings?


2020-09-18 11:01

administrator   ~59868

> How do I revert global settings?

You can't, it's a suggestion for further development. Sorry. We're also discussing if this feature is needed or not. What's your use-case?


2020-09-18 11:11

reporter   ~59869

> What's your use-case?

Currently none, as I can log in to the server and just run du-command here. This can be removed -- and should be, if it does not work. Every non-working button gives kind of uncertain feeling.

(What kind of survey could take much space? For example emotion research, several videos of which some are selected by random and then asked "What feelings you got when looking this?")


2020-09-18 11:40

administrator   ~59872

Well, if you're the server admin, sure. :)

Some surveys take gigabytes of space when participants upload high-def pics.


2020-09-18 12:38

reporter   ~59874

> Some surveys take gigabytes of space when participants upload high-def pics.

True, that is another scenario. (Not very probable here.)

Today the disk space is seldom an issue, cleaning up for GDPR is much bigger thing: How to detect unused surveys etc, how to notify users / superadmin about those and so on. But that's another story.


2021-02-25 19:07

administrator   ~62535

Still broken in 4.4.10


2021-03-22 18:39

administrator   ~63561

Hello Jmantysalo,
This should already be fixed in recent versions.
Can you please check if this issue still exists in the latest version of LimeSurvey and let us know?
Thank you!


2021-03-23 06:07

reporter   ~63571

> This should already be fixed in recent versions.

Does not work on Version 4.4.14+210322.


2021-04-06 20:37

reporter   ~63842

On Version 4.4.16+210406

Upon clicking "Calculate storage", chromium's console shows:

Uncaught TypeError: LS.ajax is not a function
    at HTMLAnchorElement.<anonymous> (globalsettings.js:22)
    at HTMLAnchorElement.dispatch (jquery-3.5.1.min.js:2)
    at HTMLAnchorElement.v.handle (jquery-3.5.1.min.js:2)

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