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16618Website & ServicesFrontend Self Servicepublic2021-03-05 16:43
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Summary16618: Link to Limesurvey partners can't be found at
DescriptionAt the old website there was a direct link to the Limesurvey partners and the services they offer. That was a notable benefit for the partners because people seeking for help could easily contact a professional that way.

Now you need to do the following to get there:
1. Open Do NOT click the "help" menu -> no partners there
2. Scroll down to the end of the page
3. Now you need to guess that under "community" you may get additional help
4. At there is now another "help" menu.
5. Click "partners" at that help menu to get to with an overview of all partners.
Additional InformationPlease add a link "Professional partners" or "Professional support" or "Authorized partners" to the "help" menu on top of

In the past weeks I already noticed a notable drop of customer contacs which makes sense if the link to the partners is that well hidden at the new website.
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2020-08-26 14:58

manager   ~59626

I agree.

Partners are key to ease adoption, get started and permanency of users with the platform.
I believe having a better position in the wesite should be benefitial for everyone.


2020-08-26 15:34

developer   ~59636

I already have more contact via Forum + github … than via

The new website are more the old limeservice website than limesurvey website.

Even in help : the link for Help with Own instance goes to "Open a ticket" …

I already quit limesurvey Partner one time (less gain, only pain) , i think i do it again.


2020-08-26 15:34

developer   ~59637



2020-08-28 11:59

partner   ~59657

Sebastian left us with a reorganized website, which is now consisting of three more subdomains.

Many links are still broken. If you look e.g at, you have
Legal notice
Jobs (only Link not broken)
Terms & Conditions
Privacy policy
Revocation information

The process of reorganization has stopped without be finished.

It seem like was redesigned as a Landing page with the goal to get people to sign up first.
The UTM tracking is on certain link to measure click ratios and where people get converted to open an account.

I would like to understand what direction LimeSurvey GmbH is going to take. And how we all fit in.
I would guess the idea of creating an advanced SaaS edition and a feature-reduced community edition was discussed.
But the development and debugging process would be hurt with that step.


2020-08-28 12:06

partner   ~59658

Wow, I wasn't aware that the website etc. is THAT broken, Thabks for the overview, jelo.

Why releasing something to the public that comes with that many errors?

Limesurvey presents itself in a poor way. Not only because of the many broken links but also because for everyone new to Limesurvey it now looks like it is a solution you need to pay for.


2020-08-28 12:35

partner   ~59659

@Mazi: I wouldn't call the websites broken. But you have three websites with a different look and feel. Any many little things are still 404. And there is no longer a single sign on into one session. At least I had the experience over the last weeks.

The idea to sign visitors on early is not uncommon and is a valid approach.
The intended way for a visitor is to sign up directly or to look at this page:

Lovely done and when the features get an infobox link almost perfect.

The support seeking customer (paying via Saas or ComfortUpdate) seems completely confused by the support work flow.
I would place "Business Support" vs. "Community support" links everywhere and let the business support directly run into a loginpage, where only paying users (customers) get in. Something similar can be found on I find that a lot better in comparison to the complex dialog when trying to open a ticket with the nudging to read the manual or the FAQ.


2021-03-05 16:43

administrator   ~62788

The NextCloud example is a good one. Will consider that once we get a new helpdesk software.

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