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Summary16623: Change the user-rigths for access to the template-editor for any user-environment(V3.17.7)

Dear Limesuvey-Developer-Team,

I have question/request about the template-editor-access in the user-environment.
Is it possible to change the limesurvey-code to change the user-rigths for access to the template-editor for
any user-environment ?

If i(limesurvey-admin) currently configure the template-rights in the user-portal(Global Rights),
i can only acivate the check-button: show to see all templates.

In most surveys-usage-situations the limesurvey-users only need to see/edit your own templates.
It is very kind of you, if you could added a check-button for usage the user-templates in the Global-Rights-Menu.

Thank you very much for support.

Best regards,

Axel Posmik, Systemadministrator

German Youth Institute(GYI)

Nockherstreet 2
81541 Munich
Email: posmik(at)

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2020-08-28 11:09

updater   ~59654

Last edited: 2020-08-28 11:09

@cdorin, to some extend this is related to

The core problem is that at the template rights you usually define which templates a user can make use of for his surveys. That works fine.
When it comes to the global user rights and the template rights there, the problem is that there is no way to limit which templates a user may access if he has rights to edit a template.
A user with the global user right to edit templates can always edit all templates. It may be more useful if that user is only allowed to edit the templates assigned to him at the template user rights. Only superadmins should still be able to edit all templates.

@gabrieljenik, @DenisChenu, @ollehar, what do you think?



2020-08-28 11:31

developer   ~59655

Last edited: 2020-08-28 11:32

Need Read + Update right on template + owner_id

It's a feature request : Permission by template

If user have Create Theme : he can copy/extend the one he have read access.
It was the owner_id : all the right
If it import : it was owner : all the right.



2020-08-28 15:13

reporter   ~59660

I think the best way is to allow any limesurvey-user to generate/edit a limit of 10 own templates.
If a limesurvey-user should needed a new template and he has reached the template-limit,
he has to delete one of the exsisting templates.

10 user-templates should be sufficient for any user and they do not require so much storage space.



2020-08-31 08:35

developer   ~59667

I think the best way is to allow any limesurvey-user to generate/edit a limit of 10 own templates.

???? Why ?

If you create "client1" template, you want client1 to be allowed to :

  • use it
  • extend it (and update the extent)
  • maybe update it (by option)

But client2 must not see "clinet1" or "client1 extended" template



2020-08-31 11:42

reporter   ~59668

The general problem is not the template-user-access, but the template-user-access to the checkbox: show is the problem.
If the checkbox: show is not activate the user cannot use the template-editor/template-configuration.
If the checkbox:show is activate the user see all templates(read, write).

A good template-user-configuration is:
-- to activate the checkbox: show and all users see only their own templates with template-editor-configuration,
-- to limit the template-generation until 10 templates(storage-limit-configuration).

2020-08-31_09h47_43.png (72,152 bytes)   
2020-08-31_09h47_43.png (72,152 bytes)   


2020-08-31 12:02

developer   ~59669


You have a screen to allow user to SEE spêcific template. Need this screen with read + write (and owner)

to activate the checkbox: show and all users see only their own templates with template-editor-configuration,

Owner id: create template : allow to extend 'readable' template. Owner have all the right in own template

to limit the template-generation until 10 templates(storage-limit-configuration).

No reason, if you need it : plugin can be used.

See the Survey settings :

  1. Have owner id
  2. Can put to each Survey any user to read/update/create element

Here : we just need (in my opinion)

  • Read : allow using, extend (if have global right : create)
  • Update : allow to update content and global options
  • Delete (?)


2020-09-01 01:12

manager   ~59670

Agree would be a nice feature.

Still, I consider Templates a feature to be used mainly by admins/devs.
So not sure how spreaded would be the need of segmenting the access to different templates to different user groups.

Still, would be easier to implement a workaround: a survey level permission, like allow "edit template".
That would give access to the theme releated to the survey

Not the best setting, but could be a quicker workaround,



2022-02-28 17:09

developer   ~68459

See "Survey group" permission system.

need same for theme and labelsets.

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