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17134Development Otherpublic2021-03-12 18:23
Reporterollehar Assigned ToJHoeck  
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Summary17134: Remove VueX from the side-menu
Description26 variables in the store.js:

       ~~surveyid: 0,~~
        language: '',
        maxHeight: 0,
        inSurveyViewHeight: 1000,
        sideBodyHeight: '100%',
        sideBarHeight: 400,
        currentUser: userid,
        currentTab: 'settings',
        sidebarwidth: 380,
        maximalSidebar: false,
        isCollapsed: false,
        pjax: null,
        pjaxLoading: false,
        lastMenuOpen: false,
        lastMenuItemOpen: false,
        lastQuestionOpen: false,
        lastQuestionGroupOpen: false,
        questionGroupOpenArray: [],
        questiongroups: [],
        collapsedmenus: null,
        sidemenus: null,
        topmenus: null,
        bottommenus: null,
        surveyActiveState: false,
        toggleKey: Math.floor(Math.random()*10000)+'--key',
        allowOrganizer: true

Each one should be removed separately (if it can be removed) and replaced with sending data to child components using props.
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child of 16924 assignedJHoeck Simplify Vue side-menu 

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