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17586Bug reportsSurvey takingpublic2021-09-24 14:20
ReporterMazi Assigned Togalads  
Status confirmedResolutionopen 
Product Version3.25.20 
Summary17586: Opening new browser tabs using question index leads to inputted data being deleted
DescriptionIn a survey that allows for full navigation back/forth using the question index, opening the different pages at new browser tabs leads to problems. If you have entered data at several pages of the survey and then move back and forth to validate your input, you might find it handy to open a new tab of your browser, showing the selected group (open the link in a new tab, while pointing to the navbar menu item). But: This clears all input of all items in the landing page - at least when it is the same page that is open already!

The tricky thing is that navigating with Next/Back-Buttons and opening new survey instances using the same token, Limesurvey recognizes this and takes care of the data in each page. So I think, the navigation-link behaviour is a bug.
Steps To ReproduceTry the steps mentioned above using the attached sample survey.

1. Opening the survey with the URL and token specified (example:

2. Entering some data to some editfields

3. Navigate to the next page with the button <Next> at the bottom right, then <back> to verify that the data has been entered (the display is the same like above).

4. Use the navigation menu (here: bottom of the page), to select the menu item of the current page (here: Test) with the right mouse button to get the context-menu of the link

5. Open a new Tab with the URL of the same contents

6. The same page is openend in a new tab, but the contents is gone

7. Navigating with the buttons in the original page will produce an error

8. The data is gone forever.
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Bug heat16
Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)Version 3.27.17+210911
I will donate to the project if issue is resolvedNo
Database type & versionMySQL 5
Server OS (if known)
Webserver software & version (if known)
PHP Version7.2.24

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2021-09-09 12:28




2021-09-09 12:30

administrator   ~66432

Old issue or regression?


2021-09-09 12:38

partner   ~66433

I think neither. Sounds like something new to me due to the rather special user behavior of opening the links from the index at new browser tabs.


2021-09-09 12:51

administrator   ~66434

I'm guessing old, then, if the same behaviour can be replicated in LS2 or 1.


2021-09-09 12:55

partner   ~66435

Steps to reproduce added.


2021-09-09 12:56

partner   ~66436

Steps to reproduce added incl. screenshots.
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2021-09-10 09:56

developer   ~66442

The index link MUST be used only with javascript : there are a POST action done. With open in new tab : you break the JS action, then nothing is submitted.

There are a POST action done with link.
We must disable the href, put a false href or (better) change the to an html button.


2021-09-10 10:20

partner   ~66443

@DenisChenu, so if I get it right, the index is not designed to open other pages in additional tabs?

Can we make that work or is it a technical limitation?


2021-09-10 11:33

developer   ~66444

> Can we make that work or is it a technical limitation?

No : technical situation : open in new tab can not send other value , only GET value from the link.


2021-09-10 12:55

reporter   ~66448

I used <href="#0"> which does the job. Thanks. This solves the issue with the navigation bar.

But: If you have any Web-Link in a group of a survey and click on it, the data in the current page ist gone as well.
Imagine to have a 'table of contents' - page with URLS like{TOKEN}/move/1{TOKEN}/move/2

and additional data to be entered in the same page. Then, after clicking one of the URL erases all entered data in that page.
This is a different but similar bug, isn't it?


2021-09-10 13:43

developer   ~66449

No : use button if you want.

A link didn't submit data.


2021-09-10 14:11

developer   ~66450

There still an issue

1. Page 1 , go to Page 2 with next : current page save
2. Page 2 : go to page 3 with open in new tab
3. In the new tab : go to page 1 with real index : data on page 1 disappear : in theory : data muts be here.

My opinion : there are an issue with move …

Its' surely hard to fix it.
1st step is to remove the href in index and use button


2021-09-10 17:32

reporter   ~66453

You can check it here:
Enter some data in "Inhaltsverzeichnis" comment-box, press the button "next", then "back": Text is there.
Click on the link in "Inhaltsverzeichnis" or "Gruppe 1" -> The comment box will erased - text is gone.


2021-09-10 18:46

developer   ~66454

Can you check removing the move=X in url ?

Else : you can use <button type="submit" name="move" value="2" class="list-group-item index-item " >Test</button> but this submit current data :/


2021-09-10 20:09

reporter   ~66455

I cannot remove the move, since this is of course needed for jumping - but I checked ?move=1 against /move/1, but no difference.
I checked your button-code (see link of above for testing): The buttons does the job. You can jump to the same page and no data is lost.
Using the button for a table of contents will need a button layout to fit the new needs...


2021-09-11 17:17

developer   ~66456

Just include this twig file :

I ask you to test with javascript because this file was shown without javascript


2021-09-13 16:55

reporter   ~66473

The identical twig-file is already included in my vanilla template.


2021-09-24 14:20

developer   ~66612

Yes : but class hide it.

Else : i disable right click on top menu : no href, no open in new tab ;)

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