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17866Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2022-02-03 19:51
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Summary17866: More easy to create complex equation in all advanced settings

Currently all text settings use text input : no line feed, can hide a lot of text etv …
the only way to have a better way to really edit is usage of excel.

But a really better solution can be usage textarea of one line with a little css

Additional Information

Some example : sum( intval(EPC020.NAOK == "C01" AND Taille.NAOK == "P") 10, intval(EPC020.NAOK == "C01" AND Taille.NAOK == "M") 10, intval(EPC020.NAOK == "C01" AND Taille.NAOK == "G") *10, 0)

I create a sample survey tomorrow and a pull requiest for develop

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