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Summary17909: Selecting an older version in ComfortUpdate

In a large organization, where the project has to undergo internal pre-production testing before it enters the production environment, it is time-consuming due to its own dedicated plugins. So much so that several new sub-versions will be released during this period. As a result, we cannot use the comfortUpdate in the production version.

However, it would be more convenient and safer to use the recommended tool, such as comfortUpdate, if it enabled the selection of earlier versions (the same that we verified in the pre-production environment)

Additional Information

The only reasonable solution is to prepare the file packages and update the database in production using the CLI. Provided that access exists, as access may be denied in large organizations in WindowsServer and MSSQL environments.

It remains to prepare the SQL statements from the updatedb_helper.php file - which is not very convenient (15679 this solution would come in handy here).

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