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17971Bug reportsQuestion editorpublic2022-06-01 00:47
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Product Version5.2.x 
Summary17971: File upload : deprecated feature : real max upload are not shown

In 3.x : max real upload are shown in help of the settings. It's not the case in 5.X

Steps To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce

Look at max size help on 3.X and 5.X

Expected result

max file size by phpinfo are shown

Actual result

No real situation are shown.

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2022-03-17 13:13




2022-03-17 13:14

developer   ~68718

PS1 : help before inpout is really better than help after input
PS2 : help are not shown for a11y in 5.



2022-05-04 19:42

manager   ~69394

In LTS the attributes were defined in the questionHelper. Now, they are defined in the XML of each question type.

When you were in the questionHelper (PHP) you could have dynamic content, including system variables. Now the help cannot have dynamic content, because they are in an XML.

This would require adding the capability to include dynamic content in helptext of attributes.
Not rocket sicence, but not very straightforward.

image.png (37,356 bytes)   
image.png (37,356 bytes)   


2022-05-04 19:52

developer   ~69396

@gabrieljenik : no need to explain why … i know why …
It's clearly a deprecated feature, and we have user on forum with such issue

About dynamic content : need to think what to add and the way… no php function like here.

We can close it like "Not fixable " too.



2022-05-04 20:01

manager   ~69398

Last edited: 2022-05-04 20:22

@gabrieljenik : no need to explain why … i know why …

@DenisChenu . OK, now the world als knows. :)
If you know that in advance, please just add it the ticket before hand as it would be helpfull.

We can close it like "Not fixable " too.

I would just lave it for a while



2022-05-05 00:34

developer   ~69413

I try to be more clear when i have the solution,
But don't take time to search where all is set in github here

I think it's clear in 2.75 it come from PHP and in 5.X from an XML.



2022-05-23 14:32

manager   ~69988

For specific question types (or all?), we can:

  • have the twig files to be able to fetch extra variable through specific methods (or hooks)
  • Provide more variables for rendering the "help messages".
  • Have the twig files to do this specific variable replacements


For specific question types (or all?), we can have the twig files to be able to render help messages with specific methods (or hooks) that can do this specific variable replacements.



2022-05-23 15:18

developer   ~69993

This one is really tricky … if we have a fix for this one , hope it can be used for QuestionTheme ;)

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