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18469Bug reports_ Unknownpublic2022-11-10 11:54
Reporterhaghamdi Assigned Toollehar  
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Product Version5.4.x 
Summary18469: global Time difference setting affects only new responses

timestamps global setting doesn't affect older responses timing, which make responses timestamps have inconsistent timing

Steps To Reproduce


Lime Survey Community edition, admin GUI

Steps to reproduce:

1- have an active survey
2- submit a response, keep note of its timestamps
3- go to global settings : change Time difference value
4- go to previous survey, submit a new response
5- notice the timestamps
6- redo 3,4,5 steps again

Actual Result:

notice how each response now has completely different timing and there is no way to tell the timing configs of each (UTC+???)

Expected result:

the change in time difference value in settings should affect all view of timestamps in the admin

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)5.4.4+221004
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Database type & versionmysql:8.0.28
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PHP Version8

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2022-11-09 12:03

administrator   ~72653

Last edited: 2022-11-09 12:05

Hm, you wanna propagate the changes made in global settings? Or do you always want to record timestamp in CET or similar.

Might be more related to a new feature than a bug.



2022-11-10 11:54

reporter   ~72695

I believe it is best to have the global settings change gets reflected in the views only -for both old and new responses- or not at all. The timestamps should be saved and exported in one format, let it be as it is configured in initializing the application (i think it is in UTC?)

The issue i was referring to is that you have no way of telling what the actual timestamp is, since the user can change timing difference according to their preference, the timestamps get saved according to that value, which could make that time difference value change a problem

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