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Summary18490: Duplicate SID Error handling

Related to ticket: 16187

I feel it would be a good idea to extend the error handling in the instance of copying a survey from another and checking if the SID has been previously used.

The fix deployed in the above ticket IMHO is easy to miss and by this point the error has already occurred. I feel it is more user friendly to use an alert message on submit or an ajax listener on the field. I did try and code this in PHP with a JS alert - but TBH my coding skills are not upto it.

However in Pseudo Code:

if (NewID == AnExistingID) {
Alert Message ("ID XXXXX already exists, if you continue a random ID will be created!")
OK --> Create New Survey with Random ID
Cancel --> Return to enter New ID manually

Or this can be done via Ajax before submitting

I wouldn't bother doing this in LTS - but would be cleaner to have in LS5+

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