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07418Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2021-11-10 16:49
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Summary07418: Notes attached to questions
DescriptionOften you want to let others review your work or you want to leave messages for yourself or others close to the questions that you work on.

Now you have to keep notes in a different document and that document is not necessarily updated.
Additional InformationA possible solution: A Comment feature or a "review" mode
A small feature would be a "Comment"/"Notes" button next the "Edit question" button. That button opens a window that lets you write a small note in plain text, that is attached to the question.

In the "Surveys" menu there could be a feature that gave you all the notes on one screen, with each question.

A better feature would be a "review" mode instead of a "test" mode. This feature would allow reviewers to add small comments (and view existing comments) when they test the survey.

The notes would of course not be visible when the survey was active.
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2021-11-10 12:10

administrator   ~67230

I think it will be better to document any note outside the application (shared document). I can imagine needing a lot of space to document which might not be nice inside the application.


2021-11-10 16:49

reporter   ~67234

I always thought, the "group description" and "survey description" are the right place to enter notes about the survey/group that other members of the team know about it.

On the other side I know that it is mostly "misused" to show text to the participants.

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