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07421Feature requestsStatisticspublic2021-11-10 12:35
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Summary07421: Option to show text responses in statistics view (via filter)
DescriptionWe need to disseminate survey results to a large amount of people, and creating users/group and access permissions, plus training everyone to be able to pull result data etc is not practical.

The ability to show text responses and export them from the statistics page would solve this problem and allow quick dissemination of qualitative and qualitative data in an easy to use, familiar format (PDF/Excel)
Additional InformationA possible solution: Filter option to show all text responses to a question
I think having a filter option to show/export text responses is the best way to go. People will then have the option of keeping all the data quantifiable (as it is now) with the ability to 'browse' responses OR allowing all text responses to be shown directly in the statistics page without having to open any new windows, and with available in the PDF/Excel exports.

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2010-08-17 16:03


I would also really like this option. The statistics-screen only shows a 'browse' button on text questions. The questions where you have the option to leave an (optional) remark as well as selecting an option, doesn't show the 'browse' button.
So you have to view all responses individually in order to be able to view those remarks.

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