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07422Feature requestsSurvey participants (Tokens)public2021-11-10 12:36
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Summary07422: Data Import / Data Handling
DescriptionCurrently the data import isn't very flexible. The possibility to import data from a ldap data source is basically a good idea but does not fit my needs exactly.

In case of recurring surveys every week it would be a great help if LimeSurvey would provide the possibility of a full data management solution instead of just using tokens from a csv or ldap import.
Additional InformationA possible solution: Real Data-Management Support
Great would be if the user could pick an ole-db provider to connect the dbms of his choice.

When the dbms is chosen LimeSurvey would have to provide campaigns which should be subdivided into different data groups (e.g. data group A represent people of zipcode 1, data group B represent people of zipcode 2 and so on).

Within one data group you can limit the data amount by just selecting specific records with a sql command of the specified data source

Each data group should be limited to a specific response quote for a specific question.
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