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07424Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2021-11-11 16:20
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Summary07424: Multiple question types in array
DescriptionThere is a work a workaround for this but it is hideously complex and a dead end for non-programmers.,+layout+and+templating#Multiple_question_types_in_array

This type of question is critical for many of our research surveys and invalidates LimeSurvey as an option.

Implementation of the workaround in a user friendly fashion would place LimeSurvey as one of the very few online survey systems that offer this feature (only one survey system out of just over twenty investigated so far).
Additional InformationA possible solution: Positional information in each question
SurveyMonkey has positional information for each question to wit:
Place on new row (default)
Place on same row as previous question

Additionally you would require line height options, display heading, display row labels, and possibly column width. (thinking arrays next to each other as well as single fields)

The downside to this is the tab order is column based; a small price to pay to allow this feature.
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2010-08-05 03:34


As you said, the workaround is very complex for non programmers.
It's also the reason we can't use LS in our projects.

I was trying to suggest something like this here:

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