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Summary07429: Personality Type Surveys
DescriptionThe assessment options in Limesurvey are currently reasonably limited, and a personality type assessment would be useful.

The type of survey I'm trying to build at the moment is a personality survey where a user goes through a number of questions, and based on the totals of their answers to options A, B or C, their personality trait can be identified.

eg Based on the percentage of A, B and C a particular trait might be highlighted. This trait would be then displayed to the survey participant, as well as being recorded as the result of the survey along with the answers and assessment score ideally.

> 50% A = Type X
> 50% B = Type Y
> 50% C = Type Z
> 40% A & > 40% B = Type XY
> 40% B & > 40% C = Type YZ
> 40% A & > 40% C = Type XZ
> 30% A & > 30% B & > 30% C = Type XYZ
Additional InformationA possible solution: Question Types & Similar Systems has a Personality Quiz generator that does some of the above, but without the nuances of some of the other features of Limesurvey.

Currently the shell of the survey can be constructed with existing multiple choice question types.

Making the assessment values A, B & C (etc) allows the data to be collected that can be tabulated to work out the result for the survey.

The assessment option needs to then:
- count the number of each response type/assessment value
- calculate the percentage of total responses for each type
- allow assessment rules to be set up based on the percentage ranges for each result
- display the result to the user at the end of the survey
- store the result in the database for the administrator of the survey to access.
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2021-11-11 16:33

administrator   ~67255

Dear partic ,

Thank you for suggesting a feature.

However, we will not be picking this up because the use case is too specific or the use case might not fit to the latest versions of LimeSurvey.

Other reasons why the feature is dropped could also be, it has been implemented already.

Please check on the latest versions and if the issue still exists, feel free to re-open the report.

kind regards,

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