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07435Feature requestsTheme editorpublic2021-11-15 08:27
Reporterpmonstad Assigned Togalads  
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Summary07435: it should be possible to turn on/off the note about privacy
DescriptionThe privacy note is too eye catching and should either have the possibility to be turned on/off or the possibility to change style from css.

There is as far as I can see, no css style for the privacy note making it hard to put to text in smaller size.
Additional InformationA possible solution: implement on/off option and/or css style
implement on/off option and/or css style
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2010-10-01 20:39

reporter   ~24356

Alternative solution: Turn off anonymous submissions
The only way that I've found to remove it is to turn off anonymous submissions, as this is what the privacy message is referring to...anonymity.


2021-11-15 08:27

administrator   ~67294

Hello pmonstad,

Thank you for suggesting a feature.

However, it seems the feature has been implemented already in the latest versions.

Please check on the latest versions and if the issue still exists, feel free to re-open the report.

kind regards,

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