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Summary07445: Oracle Support
DescriptionSupport the Orcale DB
Additional InformationA possible solution: Implement support
Support the Orcale DB - ADODB can generally handle this so it should not be too hard.
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2011-04-12 16:30


The SQL statements hard-coded in the Limesurvey source code aren't compatible with Oracle SQL (most of them).

I implemented this solution using 'oci8po' driver (ADODB Library), but losing the compatibility with other databases. I have done a lot of depuration, but still have some bugs.

The actual state is functional.


2011-07-18 23:35

reporter   ~24358

Hello NSS

first receives a warm greeting, I come to you because the situation I have is how to install LimeSurvey with support for Oracle 10g database and I failed to succeed, then, if is possible you have a guidance on how to resolve this situation, I'll appreciate infinitely your help

I hope to hear from you


Best Regards


2011-07-20 20:29


Hello vlad

If you like, I can send to you a compressed archive with a modified version of Limesurvey. We have been using this version for a while in a pre-production stage, with satisfactory results.
You have to understand that this Limesurvey can't be upgraded to a new version without modifications of the source code.

Best Regards


2011-08-10 02:41

reporter   ~24360

Hello NSS

I had some problems but I'm here, thanks for your answer ...

really I appreciate your proposal to send me the modified version of LimeSurvey you mention.

my email is:

I appreciate your support again

thank you very much

best regards

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