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2023-02-09Add 'other' option to gender question
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2023-02-08Display dropdown boxes - Date/Time question type not working correctly if minimum date < 1900
feedback (gabrieljenik)
2023-02-08Panel integration shows JS alert
2023-02-08Add "Rate this page" component to each page in the app
confirmed (gabrieljenik)
2023-02-08Can't validate phone number usign Regex if phone number starts with +
2023-02-08Multiple-choice short answer export via API delivers not properly coded data
resolved (pstelling)
2023-02-08Anonymize IP address
2023-02-08New install : allow to set runtimePath at installer
acknowledged (c_schmitz)
2023-02-08One time password : add "time out"
feedback (ollehar)
2023-02-08SuperAdministrator users should be able to assign SuperAdministrator rights to other users
assigned (c_schmitz)
2023-02-08Add a login cookie with a duration longer than the session
feedback (ollehar)
2023-02-08Managing user groups only functional if Superadministrator
2023-02-08SiteHealth section/plugin to check environment and setup of LimeSurvey
2023-02-08Really throw error when user try to hack server
resolved (ollehar)
2023-02-08PasswordRequirement plugin is not working properly
ready for testing
2023-02-08Answers with answer code 0 (zero) do NOT get saved if question is set to use encrypted data
confirmed (gabrieljenik)
2023-02-08Answer Code updates on base language are not reflected on secondary languages.
ready for code review (DenisChenu)
2023-02-08Quick add function "Code ; Title" doesn't work.
ready for testing
2023-02-08Current Page Values not saved if saving pressing Enter
acknowledged (c_schmitz)
2023-02-08Authwebserver plugin not working anymore
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2023-02-08Allow GA4 tracking
2023-02-07Missing SQL query errors in admin mail (SQL CODE THAT FAILED)
2023-02-07Please consider making logging a required feature of LimeSurvey
2023-02-07Function to export_survey() in.lsa/lss/quexml format
ready for merge (ollehar)
2023-02-07Placeholders {GID} and {SGQ} not replaced at JS code when using custom code at "script" tab
ready for merge (ollehar)
2023-02-07Filenames containing an apostrophe (') cause uploaded file-list to unlist upon Resume later or Next then Previous
ready for code review (DenisChenu)
2023-02-06Cannot copy a survey when using a survey alias
feedback (c_schmitz)
2023-02-06Empty line at the end of csv export
ready for code review (gabrieljenik)
2023-02-06On-page conditions not working when pre-filling question with equation on the same page
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2023-02-06When surveys are copied without copying attachments, attachment info is copied but not updated.
ready for code review (gabrieljenik)
2023-02-06Show popups, wrong text in inherit-button
ready for code review (DenisChenu)
2023-02-06QuestionGroup->getGroupDescription() fails
2023-02-06A global beforeMenuRender
2023-02-04Dark border color at rop of all array question
feedback (ollehar)
2023-02-04Prevent people from login into administration from everywhere
assigned (ollehar)
2023-02-04Incompatible with PostgreSQL 15
feedback (ollehar)
2023-02-04Splitting use/manage template permission into two distinct permissions
2023-02-04Request to log unauthorized token entries
resolved (ollehar)
2023-02-03Enable / disable users and fields to manage users
acknowledged (c_schmitz)
2023-02-03Redesign response storage to support more questions+answers (database columns) in a survey
2023-02-03Hardening PHP during installation
resolved (c_schmitz)
2023-02-03Admin password restriction
2023-02-03Changable default behaviour for mandatory questions
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2023-02-03Column relevance disabling not working as expected
2023-02-03When surveys are copied without copying resources, links are not handled.
2023-02-03Email Attachments missing files / inconsistency are not warned and removed.
ready for merge (ollehar)
2023-02-02Question type button not visible after having chosen the type
ready for merge (ollehar)
2023-02-02Email Template Attachments appear to carry over with copied survey, but do not work
ready for merge (ollehar)
2023-02-02QuestionTheme settings are shown on Core theme settings
ready for merge (ollehar)
2023-02-02checkbox issue in the permission modal