Viewing Issues 51 - 100 / 2022

    PID StatusUpdated Summary
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2021-10-06Lost of Total and Remaining in multi numeric
assigned (galads)
2021-10-06Missing file: incorrectly specified CSS file
2021-10-06SMTP Debug Output breaks API in Version 3.27.19+210928
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2021-10-06Inconsistent error message in case of soft mandatory
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2021-10-06Missing green bar breadcrumbs when importing zip file resources
testing (gabrieljenik)
2021-10-06Hint for page break
assigned (DenisChenu)
2021-10-06Reload survey (token answer persistence) don't really reload …
confirmed (gabrieljenik)
2021-10-06No "success" message when deleting single custom attributes from CPDB
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2021-10-06{TIME} placeholder not working
testing (galads)
2021-10-06Slider vertical, position of max value
testing (gabrieljenik)
2021-10-06Token does not get marked as used if invalid email address exists
assigned (galads)
2021-10-06Cannot import version 3 lsq file in to LS5
2021-10-05new pjax causes js output
testing (ollehar)
2021-10-05Cant export "Not completed" survey participant when "Anonymized responses" is set "no"
review (gabrieljenik)
2021-10-05Back button on themes page not working as expected
review (gabrieljenik)
2021-10-05Close button on global survey settings not working as expected
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2021-10-04Import survey participants from CSV file (close button not working)
feedback (galads)
2021-10-04Update Showing for LTS users - Comfort Update
2021-10-04Response email to supervisor contains no data
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2021-10-01aSurveyInfo.datasecurity_notice_label do not return only the label
assigned (adamzammit)
2021-10-01Question theme - bootstrap styling of dropdown boxes
resolved (ollehar)
2021-09-30Non-recoverable error during update
assigned (ollehar)
2021-09-30unable to export to Excel survey with dual scale array
acknowledged (ollehar)
2021-09-30Wrong question order
resolved (gabrieljenik)
2021-09-30If a user has more than one email associated the methods mail_registered_participants and invite_participants fail
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2021-09-30Save and close button on label sets list screen not working as expected
2021-09-29Need proper rules to disable duplicate qid+language
acknowledged (galads)
2021-09-29Send emails only to participants with incomplete responses
acknowledged (galads)
2021-09-282 real step clearall
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2021-09-28Responses Batch deletion modal only opens the first time
2021-09-28Creating survey, default admin email (and name)
assigned (galads)
2021-09-27(v3.27.11) Following email link from response email, clicking on link to file causes CHttpException
confirmed (gabrieljenik)
2021-09-27Soft mandatory show as mandatory : produces an incomprehensible form
feedback (ollehar)
2021-09-27When upgrading from LS3 to LS4 / 5, plugin Manager can't be used if non-compatible plugins are found
confirmed (galads)
2021-09-27Forum/juena : ,no way to use quote in some situation
confirmed (galads)
2021-09-27Very hard to clear all with JS and keyboard navigation
acknowledged (galads)
2021-09-27Other-label not showing when using condition-designer/LEM
acknowledged (galads)
2021-09-27Untranslatable texts again
acknowledged (galads)
2021-09-27Participants data are not included in the SPSS export
2021-09-24Automatic role attribution to new users accounts based on multiple LDAP configurations
confirmed (galads)
2021-09-24Opening new browser tabs using question index leads to inputted data being deleted
resolved (ollehar)
2021-09-24Database Update ist not working
resolved (p_teichmann)
2021-09-23Call to a member function getColumn() on string
assigned (pstelling)
2021-09-23Prefix missing for total value at multi numeric question
2021-09-23Add audio/video input question type
resolved (c_schmitz)
2021-09-22Version 3.27.x - Upload of .svg files not possible
resolved (c_schmitz)
2021-09-223.x LTS updatedb_helper has undefined function
resolved (gabrieljenik)
2021-09-22Error when importing a question fails
acknowledged (ollehar)
2021-09-21Cannot view survey after updating to version 3.27.9 with custom twig extension (breaks survey)
acknowledged (c_schmitz)
2021-09-21Survey seems without any question when testing (admin user)