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assigned (DenisChenu)
2023-01-04Mandatory soft must be related to Question not Page
2023-01-02uniform ajax vs. non-ajax settings : don't save permanent settings transparently
2022-12-30Fruity: If a variation is selected at survey level, custom.css is not loaded as expected
2022-12-29Insert new box with overlapping position, makes the dashboard to show duplicate boxes
ready for testing (gabrieljenik)
2022-12-26Allow for user friendly survey URLS
ready for testing
2022-12-23Placeholder fields VALIDFROM and VALIDUNTIL not listed at email templates
2022-12-22When copy survey, also copy the resources
assigned (apache_borys)
2022-12-22Provide more descriptive log about exceptions happen during running LimeSurvey
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2022-12-22"Send invitations" button still present after having sent invitations but doing nothing
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2022-12-22Assigned survey group is gone after survey export/import
2022-12-22Big survey (lot of group and qquestion) really hard to edit
ready for merge (gabrieljenik)
2022-12-21Data entry with multiple languages does not work.
ready for merge (gabrieljenik)
2022-12-21Search for label sets broken at LS 5.4.11
in code review (apache_borys)
2022-12-20Unable to copy question
2022-12-20Modify ambigous text for Allow multiple responses or update responses with one token
2022-12-19List of missing translations I found
feedback (gabrieljenik)
2022-12-15Question image theme don't seems to work
2022-12-15User with rights to view other users can not see them at the survey permission screen
2022-12-15Unable to edit users even when has user-update permission.
acknowledged (DenisChenu)
2022-12-15Different behaviour on grid between MSSQL and MariaDB
acknowledged (DenisChenu)
2022-12-15Response browsing on MSSQL server could go to 500 error
2022-12-15Uploading a video from inline editor fails
2022-12-14Survey listing : multiple call of template and group
confirmed (gabrieljenik)
2022-12-13when clicking “+“ button, the three icons are appearing with small vibration.
feedback (gabrieljenik)
2022-12-13when the user has “create“ permission, “create survey“ card is not visible after login.
assigned (ollehar)
2022-12-13Add edit-in-place in survey preview
2022-12-13Attributes for survey (in addtion to attributes for tokens)
2022-12-09Ability to filter participants who accessed but not completed the survey
2022-12-08Deprecated global settings still used
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2022-12-08configuration tab is not visible to a user with only create label set permission
feedback (c_schmitz)
2022-12-08Permissions are gone after survey export/import
feedback (ollehar)
2022-12-05advanced questiontypes (themes->questions) do not have translation
feedback (ollehar)
2022-12-05No minimum Password quality in LimeSurvey 3.28
2022-12-05Security Problem: Unlimited Password reset function in LimeSurvey 3.28
feedback (ollehar)
2022-12-05in the theme editor, the top right dropdown is not clickable
assigned (adamzammit)
2022-12-05Data entry screen incorrectly assigns 0 value to empty multiflex array checkbox values (master)
assigned (adamzammit)
2022-12-05Data entry screen incorrectly assigns 0 value to empty multiflex array checkbox values
2022-12-04With only “Update“ permission, the user can’t extend and remove the theme
2022-12-04without “Delete“ permission, after selecting the uninstall, there is no content in the modal
2022-12-04but the user can’t remove the extended theme created by self.
2022-12-04without “view“ permission, the configuration tab is not visible to the user
2022-12-02Duplicate SID Error handling
ready for code review
2022-12-02Button not working, missing closing )
2022-12-02Unable to download single file on windows
2022-11-29UI issue when clicking the dropdown for the selected items
2022-11-29whenever click the “+” icon to add a label, there is always an alert showing with the same content when the save button is clic
2022-11-29Test and Comment Modus
2022-11-29with out “view“ permission, the configuration tab is not visible.
in testing
2022-11-28Problem with interpreting double slash in an URL (IIS)
2022-11-28Can't add subsquestions with debug=2