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18060Bug reportsSurvey editingpublic2022-05-30 11:14
Reporterc_schmitz Assigned Togabrieljenik  
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Product Version5.3.x 
Summary18060: 'Save as default values' question setting not working properly

When using the option "Save as default values" it is not working for the most part.

Steps To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce

Create a text question, set it to mandatory, change some other advanced question attributes, activate 'Save as default values' and save. Then create a new question of the same type.

Expected result

After saving, the switch 'Save as default values' should automatically revert to 'off' again.
On creation of the new question the new default values would apply, so the new question should have set Mandatory to On, and have all the question attributes

Actual result

The switch 'Save as default values' stays on after save.
On creation no saved defaults are applied.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)5.3.11
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PHP Version7.4


related to 16734 closedc_schmitz Feature requests mandatory default N and same_default default 1 
related to 15982 assignedp_teichmann Bug reports Default attribute are saved in DB 

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2022-04-28 12:46

administrator   ~69284

Something to check: Are the question type defaults user specific (they should) or global (god, please no).



2022-04-28 13:13

developer   ~69286

inherited by survey/group/global :D



2022-04-28 14:44

administrator   ~69287

inherited by survey/group/global :D

lol, I hope that was a joke ;)



2022-05-02 21:03

manager   ~69357

The value of the front_end switch depended on use_defaults, which has nothing to do with it. Now it always appears disabled, as this a one way switch: You can only set it to true and then defaults will be snapshot and saved. There is no link in between the default values sanpshot and the current question attributes. Question attributes can later be changed, and the default wouldn't be impacted.

Defaults were saved but not used for populating new questions. Now they do.



2022-05-19 20:14

administrator   ~69877

Tbh,. I am not sure how the default values are applied on a new question, because the question type is only select after the `default are already loaded



2022-05-19 21:22

manager   ~69887

I think you have a good argument there.
TBH, not big fan of this feature nor not sure how whidely used it is.



2022-05-20 08:22

developer   ~69891

TBH, not big fan of this feature nor not sure how whidely used it is.

+1 here

Else : the best place seems to be in QuestionAttribute or QuestionAttributeHelper ?

here : maybe



2022-05-20 14:17

manager   ~69910

QuestionAttributeFetcher does the following:

        // Get attribute values
        if (!empty($this->question->qid)) {
            $attributeValues = \QuestionAttribute::model()->getAttributesAsArrayFromDB($this->question->qid);
        } else {
            $attributeValues = $questionAttributeHelper->getUserDefaultsForQuestionType($this->question->type);

In populateValues(), if the question is new (has no QID) it raises the default values.
So if you are creating a question and you change the type of question, without saving, it raises the defaults for the last type you chose.
It never changes the values if you are changing the type of a previously saved question.

That is kind the behaviour it used to have. Haven't changed it. Just fixed what was not working correctly.

I am not sure it is great feature. :)



2022-05-20 14:31

developer   ~69911

But :

Save 'placeholder' "enter a number" default value for numeric
Create a short text question
Set it as numeric question type : 'placeholder' must be "enter a number" ? No ?



2022-05-20 15:42

manager   ~69914

Set it as numeric question type : 'placeholder' must be "enter a number" ? No ?

Hmm If I got it right, no, it must not.
If you save and then change the question type, the default values will not apply.
The default values only apply for new questions, before they are saved.



2022-05-20 16:00

developer   ~69917

It's not like that i understand the default value by question type :)
For me it must replace the default value for new question, or new attribute in same question (happen when you update question type)

It's more clear with

  1. Create a single choice question
  2. Save (no placeholder attribute (not set))
  3. Set it as numeric question type : 'placeholder' must be "enter a number" ? No ?

Short text didn't have placeholder too . If short text have it with already saved : yes , must not update.

@c_schmitz : do you have any specifications for this feature ?



2022-05-20 16:06

manager   ~69919

OK, how these defaults are applied was not specifically in the scope of this ticket.
I would suggest to follow up on a new ticket, as to be able to deliver this (which I believe is better than what is available now)
What do you think?



2022-05-25 14:25

manager   ~70038

Fix committed to master branch:



2022-05-30 11:14

administrator   ~70096

Fixed in Release 5.3.18+220530

Related Changesets

LimeSurvey: master f9a58ce3

2022-05-25 14:25:36


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