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08004Feature requestsTheme editorpublic2021-09-08 09:34
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Summary08004: Compress JS and CSS for a survey
DescriptionWe have a lot of js file, it's great for dev : because we can update only a little file. We can add some js in PLugin (not now but near ;)) etc ...

But : this make a lot of JS call and file. Same think for CSS . And to be "dev" understandable : this file must be commented etc .

Then use a minify js and minify css can be a great idea.
Additional InformationWe need:
- Know whole js file to be included for one survey before survey start : then move js inclusion elsewhere
- A good versioning of survey (change an question advanced parameters can add js or css)
- A good versionning of template.js and template.css

Maybe an option in survey 'use minify' can be great too.
I think admin user can deactivate minify and force calculation of minified file.

We need to to create the file and call it if exist, else do it : caching issue.

There are a lot of minify/js minify/css PHP script can be taken.
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2014-07-01 09:15

developer   ~30248

We need to use assets for whole css and js.
We need to concatenate whoe js file and css file for one survey (find all registred js and css needed for question)

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