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18325Bug reportsTranslationpublic2022-12-19 15:02
Reporterfrancois-charles.hebert Assigned To 
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Product Version5.3.x 
Summary18325: List of missing translations I found

All of this list of missing translation keys in .po comes from the question editor views. I check every submenu on the right for each question type and found that those were missing:

  1. Move out without warning
  2. Default coordinates of the map when the page first loads. Format: latitude [space] longtitude
  3. Sub-question validation equation
  4. Enter a boolean equation to validate each sub-question.
  5. Sub-question validation tip
  6. This is a tip shown to the participant describing the sub-question validation equation.
  7. Show Platform information
  8. Show also the platform information of the participant
  9. Manage label sets
  10. Quick-add labels
  11. The participant cannot upload a single file larger than this size
  12. Position for 'Other:' option
  13. Before no answer
  14. After specific answer option
  15. Resize
  16. Crop
  17. Crop or Resize
  18. Horizontal scrolling
  19. Show an horizontal scroll for the images instead of a vertical list. Needs JavaScript enabled.
  20. Keep aspect-ratio
  21. Keep images aspect ratio. Can be achieved by not setting both width and height. Needs JavaScript enabled.
  22. Fix width of the images to this value. Leave empty to not change them.
  23. Fixed height
  24. Fixed width
  25. Display theme options
  26. Button size
  27. Change button size
  28. Small
  29. Extra small
  30. Maximum number of buttons in a row
  31. Choose maximum number of buttons in a row
  32. Allow searching of dropdown
  33. Enable search function
  34. on (searchable)
  35. off (Searchable)
  36. Display tick on selected items
  37. Show a tick on the selected item in the dropdown
  38. show tick
  39. no tick
  40. Width of dropdown should be the currently selected entry
  41. Can be as wide as the entry that is selected, or fixed at the longest entry (default)
  42. Width of dropdown to be currently selected entry
  43. Width of dropdown to be longest entry
  44. If the participant marks all options, uncheck all and check the option set in the "Exclusive option" setting
  45. Indicates where the 'Other' option should be placed
  46. The title of the subquestion after which the 'Other:' option will be placed if the position is set to 'After specific subquestion'
  47. Label wrapper width
  48. Slider start as this value. You can use Expression manager, but this must be a number before showing the page.
  49. Use javascript function to remove text and uncheck checkbox (or use ExpressionScript Engine only).
  50. Subquestion title for 'After specific subquestion'
  51. Auto-add new line
  52. Automatically add a new line when something is inserted
  53. Add row icon
  54. The icon used on the "add row"-button
  55. Plus in circle
  56. chevron down
  57. arrwo down (there is a typo in this one. Should be Arrow down. Both keys don’t exists)
  58. extra small
  59. Replace choice header (default: "Your choices")
  60. Replace rank header (default: "Your ranking")
  61. Y-Scale
  62. X-Scale
  63. Without reorder
  64. Allow only moving the answers
  65. Viuzialisation (there is a typo in this one. )
  66. Change visualization of the ranking question
  67. Bubbles
  68. Blocks
  69. Buttons
  70. Show number
  71. Show the actual list numbers
  72. Show handle
  73. Show a handle for drag and drop

I also found the key in .po, but the following texts were not translated in view:

  1. If the participant marks all options, uncheck all and check the option set in the "Exclusive option" setting
  2. Force each answer option to have the same height (missing “.” At the end?)
  3. Force the choice list and the rank list to have the same height (missing “.” At the end?)

The following keys are missing (can be seen on the 5 big buttons of home page):

  1. List of available surveys
  2. List of functions that are available with expression manager
  3. Exit survey app

In the overview of a survey there is a button "export" which display the word "key" besides it. "key" should also be translated, and the key is missing in the .po.

I used the .po file from which was generated the 2022-08-22 in the morning.

I attached picture as example.

Steps To Reproduce

Steps to reproduce

Check views :

  • Question editor (for each question type)
  • Home page (5 buttons before the survey list)
  • Overview of a survey (export button)

Expected result

Everything is translated.

Actual result

You will see that there is some words untranslated, at least in french. I did not check for other language.

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Complete LimeSurvey version number (& build)5.3.30
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2022-08-23 15:45


ls-export-button.PNG (1,044 bytes)   
ls-export-button.PNG (1,044 bytes)   
ls-5-buttons.PNG (25,375 bytes)   
ls-5-buttons.PNG (25,375 bytes)   
ls-question-editor-example2.PNG (21,924 bytes)   
ls-question-editor-example2.PNG (21,924 bytes)   
ls-question-editor-example.PNG (49,741 bytes)   
ls-question-editor-example.PNG (49,741 bytes)   


2022-08-30 22:35

manager   ~71556

So, the 73 items are no in the po file, right?



2022-08-31 14:39

reporter   ~71565

That's right, they are not in the .po file.



2022-12-19 15:02

reporter   ~73185

There is also the "I confirm" button from {OPTOUTURL} in email template that is not translated.

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