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07446Feature requestsSurvey editingpublic2021-11-15 08:49
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Summary07446: Admin interface usability issues
DescriptionEverything from the system where the admin "window" that prominently says "Question Groups" in it is actually the controls for the survey (etc.) to the multiple-click hoops I have to jump through to do trivial things, to the fact that once I set up a condition I can't even make trivial changes to the dependency questions without first deleting the condition in the dependent speaks for a total redesign.

I love the capabilities, just hate the admin UI.
Additional InformationA possible solution: outline-based UI with direct object manipulation
The interface should show an entire questionnaire at once, with collapsible sections for question groups and super-questions. I should be able to select one or more sections and manipulate them directly, by dragging to reorder, copying, deleting, etc. Have a separate detail area of the window that updates to show detailed information about the selection and allow it to be updated.

The interface should not nanny me so much. It should make up question codes for me that I can override if I want, rather than forcing me to come up with a new code for each question. Error checking for nonsensical ordering, broken conditions, etc. should not prevent me from setting up intermediate conditions during editing that don't make sense, as long as I put everything back in order. In fact, it should all be changed to warnings IMO.
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2021-11-15 08:49

administrator   ~67301

Hello user1,

Thank you for suggesting a feature.

However, it seems the feature has been implemented already in the latest versions.

Please check on the latest versions and if the issue still exists, feel free to re-open the report.

kind regards,

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