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confirmed (galads)
2021-12-06String "Reorder questions / question groups" not translated
2021-12-06"Quota" button is visible, even if no permissions where set
2021-12-06When reducing permissions, survey side menu doesn't show link for participant management.
2021-12-06After creating a user, the modal for setting permission is too narrow
2021-12-06Statistics fail with an internal error
assigned (DenisChenu)
2021-12-06spurious error "Incorrect username and/or password!" on auth_webserver autocreating user
2021-12-06Possible log out when preview survey
2021-12-06Cannot export selected responses (only range)
acknowledged (galads)
2021-12-06Allow survey theme to add (and use) question attribute
confirmed (galads)
2021-12-06Survey and Question Theme need more information
2021-12-05Visually impaired - impossible to load a saved label set for questions - JAWS screen reader
feedback (c_schmitz)
2021-12-05Deleted spam messages still visible in the forum overview page
resolved (DenisChenu)
2021-12-05PGSQL CDbCommand issue ins statistics
resolved (DenisChenu)
2021-12-05Strange sort order of question groups in simple statistics
assigned (DenisChenu)
2021-12-04Allow line feed in VV import
resolved (gabrieljenik)
2021-12-03Cannot import version 3 lsq file in to LS5
feedback (c_schmitz)
2021-12-03New language was creating an error when access the survey
resolved (c_schmitz)
2021-12-02Different naming in German at registration process (Kennwort/Passwort)
2021-12-02Code name change while we updated from Edit Question screen
2021-12-02Attribute set with type DropDown or date is not reflecting
assigned (TonisOrmisson)
2021-12-02Inject questionAttributes to short free question twig views
2021-12-02New Version: Error with answercodes
assigned (galads)
2021-12-02Clicking <Simple plugin" option on Statistics Setup Page - Lime Survey goes in to a "Loop mode, with cursor rotating.
confirmed (galads)
2021-12-01Direct access to response browsing break
2021-12-01display more information/meta data in survey list
assigned (galads)
2021-12-01Double update notification
acknowledged (galads)
2021-12-01Visually impaired - JAWS screen reader - In most (if not all) web pages appear links and buttons that don't have a label at all
2021-12-01Visually impaired - adding or editing a question - impossible to change the question type using the keyboard -JAWS screen reader
assigned (galads)
2021-12-01"Other answer" at a certain position in the list
confirmed (galads)
2021-11-30Resume from link: "no matching saved response"
acknowledged (galads)
2021-11-30list_surveys JSON-RPC API method does not obey $sUsername if set
2021-11-30Include Survey Title once again in the Administrative Surveys dropdown
review (galads)
2021-11-29Send emails only to participants with incomplete responses
assigned (gabrieljenik)
2021-11-26When entering an invalid email when create token : lost all information
review (gabrieljenik)
2021-11-26Change of email address for survey administrator confusing
assigned (galads)
2021-11-26Multiple variation loaded
feedback (galads)
2021-11-26Multiple variation loaded
assigned (c_schmitz)
2021-11-26Global opt out link for CPDB missing
acknowledged (galads)
2021-11-26Selected language at language switch shows the local language nae twice
testing (ollehar)
2021-11-26Refactor updatedb helper into multiple command classes
2021-11-26Spinning hexagon continues to spin although file is correctly downloaded.
acknowledged (galads)
2021-11-26after renaming theme, permission are lost for your users to this theme and then, impossible to give permission to users to it
2021-11-26Warn survey authors about survey size
feedback (c_schmitz)
2021-11-25Errors while installing 5.1 with MySQL 8 and InnoDB
assigned (galads)
2021-11-25vulnerable verson of jQuery used
resolved (galads)
2021-11-25Add some customization possibilities to the statistics module.
2021-11-25Allowing to change language before log in
assigned (galads)
2021-11-25Group complete index show group without testing relevance (and other think)
assigned (galads)
2021-11-25(Adding the ability to attach digital signature while taking surveys )Security , Authentication , Plugins
assigned (galads)
2021-11-25Users can delete their own surveys, even without permission